The Fuel Agency
Milton Keynes College

The countdown is over...
So what was it all about?

Reko and the MIB - he is safe and well

Reko Tao Zion (or 'Danny' as we call him) was created in a lab by the guys and girls at The Fuel Agency on behalf of Milton Keynes College. We used a mixture of chemicals, DNA, willpower and coffee. On his travels around Milton Keynes, Reko met many people and experienced many new things. However, due to a technical malfunction within his inner memory core, he had to be detained by our agents and returned to us for repairs. Will he be seen again? Maybe...

Reko was, of course, an actor at the centre of a guerrilla marketing campaign (well done to those of you who guessed!). Our aim was to do something different and to capture the attention and imagination of Milton Keynes people. We wanted to give you something unusual to think and talk about rather than the same old adverts on buses and local radio.

The message behind all of this was to highlight that, as far as we know, nobody can travel back from the future (or another dimension) and how important it is for you to make the right decisions about your future RIGHT NOW. Many people end up either unemployed or in jobs they would rather not be in, struggling to pay their bills and wishing they had chosen a different path. Milton Keynes College is here to help you make those decisions and get on the right track.

We have been so overwhelmed by everyone's response to this campaign and that people have had so much fun both guessing what it was all about, trying to debunk the conspiracy and for getting creative with all the spin off videos, animation and groups. So much of it has made us laugh and smile. On behalf of both Milton Keynes College and The Fuel Agency, from the bottom of our hearts, we really want to thank you for being a part of this, for having fun with us and for all your incredible detective work - it really kept us on our toes like you would not believe!

So, back to what Reko came to do and that is to introduce Milton Keynes College. It's a friendly, creative, sociable and vibrant place for anyone who wants to get one-on-one support in achieving their career goals. Don't take our word for it, we just made up a fictional alien, instead go to the Focus on Your Future site below, or just give Milton Keynes College a ring. Unlike Reko, they're really approachable and chatty

One of us at Fuel became Reko the day before the reveal and took some time to speak to people on Facebook. It was the most overwhelming and humbling experience; almost everybody Reko spoke with had something nice to say. It seemed like many people don't want Reko to go away so, if the powers that be agree to it, it may be that we can keep him in this realm in other ways. For anyone who wants a card, there are plenty to go around and we are hoping it may be possible to perhaps get some freebies produced for anyone visiting the college. We can't guarantee that just yet but will try.

Thank you all again. We hope you had fun guessing and we could not have done it without you.